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Interracial Marriage

Rabbi Jonathan Blass25 Shevat 5765
My daughter accepted a mariage proposal from a black Jew. We are white European Iraelites, and do not approve of such things. He does not care for he says we are all the same and we worship and serve the one and true Hashem. Please help us. Where does the Torah approve such things?
All Jews who are either born to a Jewish mother or converted by an Orthodox bet din are halachically Jewish and are permitted to marry each other. Judaism does not discriminate on the basis of color or country of origin. After the atrocities against Jews in Europe culminating in the Holocaust, being "European" doesn't seem to be much of a compliment. We survived Europe; thank G-d those of us who survived didn't become Europeans. Once you verify that your daughter's fiance is Jewish halachically what is important is his character and his love for your daughter.
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