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Attending an Orthordox Synagogue


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

12 Shevat 5765
I am a Christian and deeply impressed and respectful of the devotion to G-d and Torah of the Orthodox Jewish people I have meet. I would really like to learn to understand Torah and the Tanach from a Jewish Perspective, as I know that my western understanding often falls short. I know horrific things have been done to the Jewish people in the name of “Christianity” and wonder if it would be appropriate for me to attend the Orthodox Synagogue near my house. I would hate to show any disrespect to a people I so admire. If you think it would be appropriate how should I dress and what should I know before attending? I understand that you cannot speak for all Synagogues but any insight you are willing to give would be most appreciated.
A non Jew is allowed in a synagogue. The best way is to set a meeting with the rabbi of the synagogue and to ask him directly, I am sure that if he will be convinced with your sincerity he will respond positively. You can ask him how you are expected to arrive at the synagogue. All the best.
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