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Can a Son of a Ger be a Levi?


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

6 Tevet 5765
If a male convert is married to a Bat Levi and they have a son, is the son considered a levite since his father is a Ger and not from another tribe? I believe it is discussed in Bechorot 47A. What is the Halacha?
The Talmud Bechorot 47a speaks about a case of a son born to a Bat Levi and a non Jew. In that case Rav Papa says he is exempt from Pidyon Haben. The Achronim dispute whether he is a Levi Pasul and therefore his son will not need Pidyon as well or whether he is exempt from Pidyon only because he relates to his grandfather (Tzad Levi) but he is not a Levi so his son requires a Pidyon. This is all when the father is non Jewish – if he is a Jewish convert the child follows his father and is not a Levi.
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