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Why "Jacob" and not "Israel"


Rabbi Berel Wein

28 Kislev 5763
I notice in the Amidah, that the words are the God of "Abraham, Issac, and Jacob," and not the God of "Abraham, Issac, and Israel." If Israel is the name of Jacob once he has been redeemed, why does the prayer still refer to him as Jacob. Interestingly, Abraham is referred as Abraham, not Abram (his pre-redeemed name). Thoughts?
Israel is the name of Jacob as the father of the Jewish people. However, he reatined his private name as Jacob. In our prayers we use the names interchangeably, though in the Amidah we refer to the God of jacob because included there are our private paryers for health, sustenance, etc. as well a sprayers for all of Israel and humanity. Jewish tradition dictates that Abraham is always to be called by his new name which is representative of his universality and that of the God of Abraham. Best wishes. Rabbi Wein P.S. May I be bold enough to suggest getting him a copy of my new little book "Living Jewish." It will answer many of his questions.
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