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Charedi Dati Leumi

Various Rabbis4 Tevet 5765
Mercaz Harav has been described as currently being at the far right of the DatI Le’umI Hashkafa - what many would regard as “Chardal” (Charedi dat le’umi). What does that mean? What is "Chardal"? To put it into perspective, how does Chardal differ from the "modern orthodox" in Israel, the Haredim, and the non-Chardal Dati Leumi camp? What does the term signify ideologically as well as in day-to-day observance of the Mitzvot?
The people whom classify them selves as Charedi Leumi, or Chardal, try to keep the Mitzvot strcitly, Kala Kechamura, while being involved in the national life in the state, and in the settling Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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