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Combined Photos

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis10 Kislev 5765
My digital camera has a function that allows me to take 2 photos, and combine them into one. In other words, I can take 2 pictures (one of one person from the neck up, and a second photo of a second person from the neck down), and combine the 2 shots into 1. The resulting combined photo shows Person A’s head in the place of Person B’s head. Many people find the combined photos to be funny. Can you tell me your view of this issue under Jewish law?
Humor is healthy for your body and soul. Mockery and joking on the expense of others is a Torah prohibition. Humiliating people by making fun of them is a moral corruption in addition to the strict Torah prohibition. In your case the same rules apply, if people take it in a humorous way – that is perfect; if not and people are offended, it may not be done. Note that people some times say they are happy when they are not really, so you should be extremely careful.
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