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Is There a Meaning to 12?

Various Rabbis12 Kislev 5765
My aunt passed away on Friday. The date of her death was the 12th. Her mother, my grandmother also passed away on the 12th. Her husband died on the 12th. The number 12 must mean something. When I asked our Rabbi what this meant, he shuddered and pointed to the sky. Yes, I do not doubt it was Hashem. I believe, but I want more clarity. IAre you able to help? I loved her dearly, and she was a gentle, humble, pious woman. She was 90 when she died.
There is a meaning to the date one passes away, it is no coincidence, but it is one of the things we don't really understand, that the Torah says "the hidden is to G-d" (Hanistarot Lashem Elohenu) about them. Hence, it is preferable to concentrate on what we can do for the soul of the deceased, such as: giving charity, learning for it's elevation, these will cause great satisfaction to your grandmother. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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