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Is Shoa Coming Real Soon?


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

5 Kislev 5763
Everywhere I look I see people hating us, they say that real shoa is real soon, big coalitions of Nazis and Muslims are generating enough to wipe us all, this time for real, what should I do?
The Vilna Gaon explained the passage in the shabbat morning prayer of "Nishmat"- "until now Your charity has sustained us and Your kindness has not forsaken us, do not abandon us" in this way: if until now what sustained us were only our own merit- then there would be serious cause for concern; perhaps at some point we might no longer merit G-d's help. But since what has maintained us until now is only G-d's charity and not our merit, there is no reason to think the Divine Providence that has forever protected the Jewish People even through the most difficult times will abandon us to our enemies. This message is clearer today than ever before: the G-d who brought 5 million Jews out of exile and established the Jewish State didn't do all that only to have what He created destroyed. The process of redemption continues despite the ups and downs. What you should do is act, with faith in the G-d of Israel, to strengthen the People of Israel: by coming on Aliyah if you are not already here; by doing Mitzvot, by building the Land, morally, economically and politically, and through prayer, through Chesed and through Ahavat Yisrael. Our role is Emunah and action- and G-d, whose love of the Jewish People is eternal- will do the rest.
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