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Making Aliyah Religiously

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky15 Kislev 5765
Hi, I am a junior in college in New York and am, G-d willing, definitely making aliyah politically to Israel in the summer of 2005. I will also be coming to Israel for the entire duration of this summer. I would like to religiously make aliyah this summer and spend my last year in Chutz La’Aretz as a ben Eretz Yisrael; When I come back to New York after the summer I know with practically complete certainty that I will be returning to Israel the next summer permanently. My question is, can I religiously "declare" my aliyah when I arrive this summer and if I can how do I do that with simple kavanah when I land or what else? Also, will my halachic status in Chutz LaAretz for my last year be considered a ben Eretz Yisrael or still a ben Chutz LaAretz? Thank you so much,
I know of no means of "declaring" aliyah. I believe you will still be a "ben chutz la'ertz unless you spend a protracted time in Israel and then a short time in diaspora.
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