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Eating 1st or Praying at the Proper Time?

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky8 Cheshvan 5765
I recently got a job after a long time of not finding one. The job requires me to go to work very early. To make a long story short I must start out in the morning very early so with the timing I will either transgress by praying at an inappropriate time (before 5:30 am at this point) or eating before I pray (I eat at home and prepare lunch because I’m trying to save money for my wedding). What’s the best course to follow. Praying before sunrise or eating before I pray?
You may pray before sunrise, but not before there is a bit of light (Alot Hashachar). In most places that allows about an hour before sunrise, check with a local calander or authority about exact time. If that is impossibe, eat before davening, but don't have a full meal (i.e. bread). Before you eat say some of the morning blessings.
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