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Is gelatine in a dairy product vegetarian?

Rabbi Jonathan Blass3 Kislev 5763
I understand that gelatine can be obtained from both animal and vegetable sources. I’ve seen something labeled "kosher gelatine" as an ingredient in yogurt. Does this mean the gelatine is in this product is not derived from animals, or something else? A non-jewish vegetarian friend asked this of me in order to determine if she could eat the yogurt. It seemed to me that something labeled "kosher gelatine" in a dairy product would imply a non-animal source. I don’t really know and am hoping you could give a more definative answer to this question. If the product has a valid hecksher does it change the answer? Thank you in advance.
Kosher gelatine is usually gelatine derived from a kosher animal that was properly slaughtered. Because it is considered non-edible, mixing it with milk products does not create an “issur” of meat and milk(see Shu”t Har Tzvi Yoreh Deah 83 and Iggrot Moshe Yoreh Deah 2,27).
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