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Conversion with teenagers at home.


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

10 Kislev 5763
Dear Rabbi, Is it impossible for someone Christian, married with children to convert?
A convert to Judaism, like any other Jew, is required to observe the Torah and all of its commandments. It is forbidden for a Jew to cohabit with a non-Jew. Therefore were you to convert while your husband did not and you intended at the time of your conversion to continue your family-life as before, your conversion would be invalid as it would not include a full acceptance of the mitzvot. In other words, converting by yourself would require separating from your husband. It seems from your letter that maintaining your family is your first priority. However, since your husband has expressed an interest in studying Judaism- then, if you are serious about becoming Jewish and he is willing to consider it, you should move to a place where both you and he can learn about Judaism together and convert, if you so choose, at the same time. Perhaps, if you find living in London distasteful, an Orthodox Jewish community in the United States is a better option. If the family makes the decision that it wants to convert as a single unit, contact the Israeli Embassy and apply for a visa to study at a Religious Kibbutz conversion program.
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