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Prayer for a starter


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

11 Tishrei 5765
I do not have the skill or time to say all the prayers for Shacharit that are contained in my Siddur, but I still, despretatly want to increase my observance in fufilling the Mitzvot of Prayer. I do not have a Shul close by and therefore the majority of my prayers are said alone. I have the Metsudah Complete Siddur. I hope that you can help me in this regard.
Your request is not a simple one, Halachacly (and we don't always follow the Rambam whenever disputed by later Poskim) the bare minimum (not the standard) for Tfilah will be morning Brachot, Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei, Yishtabach, the Shma with the Brachot before and after, Amidah, Ashrei and Uvah LeTzion, Aleinu. Yet in extreme cases you can say less, and it will still be counted as Tfilah. I don’t know in what stage you are, but some times a beginner can't say the whole lot and has to settle for less, you should try to speak to someone that knows you and can guide you with this issue.
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