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Where are our Rabbis?


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

25 Cheshvan 5763
After being an oleh for 2.5 years I am dismayed that the Rabbis throughout the country are so quiet on keeping Eretz Yisrael intact and also the rude comments from politicians about the religious communities / Rabbanut. Where is the kiruv in this land, where is the modern orthodox voices giving the people chizuk and the whole country spiritual guidance so everyone can appreciate why we must support Israel as a Jewish state?
Many rabbis- and indeed many Jews- are doing wonderful things to preserve the Land of Israel and to sanctify G-d’s name. The task at hand requires more than just saying the right words in a modern, friendly tone (although that is also important sometimes). People- religious and non-religious- are struggling to find the meaning of Jewish identity in the national context that has reopened for us in the State of Israel and the feelings on this issue run strong. Since you are an oleh for only 2.5 years, permit me to welcome you to this national effort. Your contribution will merge with that of others in the shaping of the Jewish/ Israeli identity that is developing.
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