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Rabbi Jonathan Blass20 Cheshvan 5763
In today’s INN - Rabbi Blass discussed Malachim. In reading the weekly parshas, there is a clear message that G-d has, is or will send a Malach to rid the land of Israels enemy, and it goes on to name the various peoples who inhabit(ed) the Aretz Hakadosh. I gain spritual strength from reading Torah and have no doubt the G-d will send his messenger(s) to clear the path. But in your dvar, you only cited Isaiah and Yeheshkiahu? Have there been other prophets who have seen messengers and not been part of the sacred texts? And if not why not? I do not care about their physical descriptions (i.e., # of wings) but more about their missions and how we mere mortals may be influenced and driven by them to perform G-d’s will on this earth. Thank you and it was a very interested dvar Torah. Shabbat Shalom
Spiritual forces are behind all aspects of the physical world. Man’s actions, however, though influenced by changes in his environment, are ultimately decided through his own free will- and neither G-d nor angels force change in human will. If you are good, it is because you choose to be; if you hope to be better- that is also your choice. We can’t count on outside forces to do our job.
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