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Bracha Acharona if Not Finished Eating

Various Rabbis16 Iyyar 5764
I made a Shehakol on a drink, and an Eitz on a fruit. I finished the fruit but I intend to continue drinking for several more hours. (the glass is in front of me during my whole work day). Should I say Borei Nefashot now? If I do, do I need to make another Shehakol when I resume drinking?
As long as you stay in one place and you don't intend to have a long break in drinking, you shouldn't say Borei Nefashot, but finish drinking and then say Borei Nefashot, because the eating and drinking are considered one in terms of Borei Nefashot. If you intened to leave the room, say Borei Nefashot before you do, and when you return and want to continue drinking, make a Shehakol. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
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