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Covering hair after divorce


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

2 Nisan 5764
I am divorced. I have been told by two rabbis to keep my hair covered. I receive a little slack at work in a jewish firm to not cover my hair. I am a little rebellious these days and my ex-husband made the marriage into a farse. On one hand I thought the right thing is to cover yet I want to date in the future and not show the public something that I am not. I am divorced, not married. What do i do?
Shalom u'vrachah, There are a number of poskim who allow a divorced woman to uncover her hair if this would hinder her possibilities of getting married. However, it does not appear to me that just because you get slack at work for your hair cover. The best is to cover your hair with a wig, but if you will not be able to get married due to your hair covering you should move to a new city and may uncover your hair. Kol Tuv
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