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Loving the enemy???!

Rabbi Jonathan Blass3 Kislev 5763
I was looking at the A7 TV. They interviewed someone who talked about the left and why they ally themselves with the Arabs and support the "Palestinians". I don’t understand why there are so many Jews like this. Other ethnic groups in the world never have this problem of treason within their own group. What makes the Jewish people have this characteristic? The Jewish people are supposed to have characteristics of chesed since they are descended from Avraham Avinu. How can this be?
Israel’s existence as a national entity with a state and land of its own has only recently been renewed after two thousand years of exile and persecution. During that exile, Jews had only individual, family and community but no national expression of their Jewish identity. That Israel continued to exist is a miracle testifying to G-d’s intervention in the normal flow of history. Is it surprising that the effects of two millennia of persecution and statelessness are not erased in only fifty-five years? Why do so many Jews still live in the Diaspora when the gates of the Jewish homeland have been reopened? It apparently takes time both in Israel and abroad to understand the significance and implications of the totally new situation.
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