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Hague Jugement X Psalm 2


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

26 Adar 5764
I have noticed many similarities betwen Psalm 2 and the trial currently taking place at the International Court of Hague. The psalm speaks about a conspiracy among the kings and other leaders of the nations , with the help of the "judges of the Earth" to "cut the cords" and the "ropes" of a certain "anointed". Many things and persons are called "anointed" in the Bible, including the Misbeach, kings, priests, and Am Israel. When, in the last 3000 years, has there ever been such a thing as "judges of the World", as we have now in Haghe? Is not all this circus about trying to oblige the "anointed" Israel to cut off it’s fences? Why does King David say he is now "obliged to proclaim that Hashem said" to him that He gave everything to him, including lands and peoples? Was it not because he knew that their main argument would be that Israel would be trying to "steal" part of someone else´s land? If you rabbis agree with this point, please do help publicizing it, specialy to the judges of Haghe, because in this case this psalm was written as a message for them.
You suggest an interesting application of the psalm that has had- and will continue to have- practical application as long as antisemitism is rampant. You should however consider that the security fence that is being debated is not one that secures the borders of the Land of Israel but rather divides it in half- a long ugly scar through our homeland.
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