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Book of the Maccabees


Various Rabbis

18 Adar I 5765
Does orthodox Jewish consider the Book of the Macabees false? I know it is not considered a holy book, but is it’s text considered as an accurate historical account in your opinion?
The book of the Macabees is not false, rather it's considered a 'Sefer Chitzoni' (an 'external book'). Sfarim Chitzonim were written throughout early jewish history, usually discribing historical events that happend at that time period. The holy books of the Tanach were written through prophecy or Ruach Hakodesh so we know all facts there are complete and accurate. Sfarim Chitzonim aren't always objective, some of them are biased and selective. They are forbidden since somtimes they are influenced by religions and ideas that don't agree with the jewish spirit, and they can be a bad influence on the reader. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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