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Hiding Tzitzit in France


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

4 Shevat 5764
I have to go to France on Buisness and I was advised to wear a cap to cover my Kippah and not to show my Tzitzit openly in the street. As this is not my usual practice to hide these things should I do this?
If the advice you received was from someone who knows the situation well and feels you would be endangering yourself by wearing a Kippah and Tzitzit where you are going- you must follow it. If the danger is minimal, you can do what you choose. It has been publicized that the French Chief Rabbi told Jews not to wear openly Kippot and Tzitzit. You should check to find out the extent of the danger. Remember: France is not the Land of Israel where there is a point in demonstrating that no one will curtail expression of your Jewishness.
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