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Rabbi Jonathan Blass

14 Shevat 5764
I recently purchased the Stone Edition (Mesorah) Chumash from Artscroll. One of the notes attributed to Abarbanel was that it was amazing there was only 7 people connecting Adam to Moses. They were listed as Adam, Lamech, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Kehath and Moses. The last link was between Kehath and Moses. I researched this and could not come up with the last connection except for a version of the book of Jasher that states that Kehath named his grandson Abigdor. All other sources indicated that Kehat died before Moses. I would thing the connection from Jacob to Moses would be through Serach, because that is well documented. Can you give me insight on this or point me to someone who can? Thank you very much.
Medrash Sechel Tov Shmot Parsha 12 refers to seven who passed down the Hebrew calendar from Adam to Moshe- Adam, Noah, Shem, Yaakov, Kehat, Amram, Moshe.
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