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Pat Nochri in Eastern Europe


Various Rabbis

21 Tevet 5764
My non-Jewish grandmother is lonely and I feel very responsible for her. Kosher food where she is, is a real problem. What are the circumstances in which buying locally baked (presumably by non-Jewish bakers) bread is permissible? The bakeries in Hungary are usually state-run and the ingredients are, I believe, state regulated. Kosher bread is available on certain days in Budapest, but it is a full day’s trip there and back, which was not practical under the circumstances. Is it acceptable under these circumstances to eat local bread?
Eating Pat Nochri is permissible if it is from a bakery and not from a private gentile, you need only put a little of it aside for Hafrashat Chala. Anyway, even if odds are that they don't put anything not kosher inside, it's best to just ask them if they mix in - or grease the pan with - something non-kosher. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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