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Moving to Israel


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

27 Tevet 5764
I recently spoke with two Rabbis about making Aliyah: One said that it would be a financial disaster for me to do it now but that he himself would consider it after his children were grown up. The second Rabbi said that the reason that all orthodox Jews don’t go to Israel is because they do not want to abandon the secular or less observant Jews who would not follow and consequently have no one to turn to to do Teshuvah or become more observant. Do you think it is a good reason not to make Aliyah? Could you explain why or why not?
Living in Israel is a positive commandment and therefore it is clear that all Jews should commit themselves to fulfilling it. You should contact a Shaliach Aliyah and Tehilla (the organization that assists religious Aliyah from North America) to plan your Aliyah so that you can find a job and a home here in Israel and make your Aliyah a successful one. The second consideration you mention- influencing the non-religious- is not relevant for anyone who is himself not involved in outreach in an essential role where it would be hard to find him a replacement.
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