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Believing Without Sources

Rabbi Jonathan Blass15 Tevet 5764
Without saying it says so in the bible, please tell me how you know that there is a God. I have heard alot of answers, but I have never before asked a Jewish person.
As a non- Jew, your belief in G-d is less important than your observance of the seven Noachide commandments: not to kill; not to steal, not to worship idols, not to commit adultery or incest; not to blaspheme; not to eat limbs removed from a live animal; and to live in a community with a fair system of courts. Observe these commandments while developing positive personal attributes- return favors, respect those worthy of respect, be good to your friends and compassionate to others- and you will be doing all that Judaism requires of a Gentile. The belief in G-d is based on a recognition of the world as not accidental or arbitrary but as reflecting an intelligence (which is not in itself G-d; any defintion of G-d is idolatrous). The continued existence of the Jewish People and the restoration of the Jews to the Land of Israel- this against all odds and against unrrelenting antisemitic persecution- supports the belief. Again, even if you are unconvinced by a five line explanation- your actions are important.
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