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Handling a Misfortune


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

8 Tevet 5764
I was recently a victim of the most vicious slander at work by someone in a position of power, and as a result lost my job. I have never felt so victimized and so enraged in my life especially since I never did anything hurtful to this person or anyone else for that matter! It’s been almost three months and I can’t stop hating this person for what he said about me. I am beginning to feel disillusioned that there is no justice in this world. Is there anything you can tell me that will give me some peace of mind?
If you have evidence of the slander, you should consider the possibility of going to a rabbinical court to obtain damages. If you have no evidence, perhaps you are mistaken and the slander did not occur. If you have evidence that cannot be presented in court- for example the person who slandered you told you that he did but will deny it in court- you have to get on with your life despite the understandable hurt that you feel. Unfortunately, in this world there are even greater hurts- people killed by terrorists, car accidents, and disease. The Universe is not governed by accident; there is a ruler of the World and an absolute justice even though it is often beyond human comprehension.
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