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Ba’al Teshuva Parents

Rabbi Jonathan Blass17 Kislev 5764
I would like to know about Ba’al Teshuva parenting - is there a difference between parents who are Ba’al Teshuva and ones who aren’t? How do the kids react to this? Are there certain common issues in this parenting which Ba’al Teshuva parents should be aware of? And such things I would like to know... Does it affect children in any major way? Is there any general feeling coming from Ba’al Teshuva parents’ children?
Much of your question is sociological rather than Halachic. A Ba'al Teshuva, like any other Jew, should try to educate his/her children to a dedication to the Torah and to Torah knowledge and observance. It's important not to subject the children to "an equal and opposite reaction"; in other words they should grow up with a healthy relationship to that part of the family that may still not be keeping Mitzvot and they should recognize the importance of wordly knowledge.
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