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Rules to Shiduchim


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

7 Tishrei 5764
Dear Rabbi(s), So many people talk to me about rules to shiduchim, and i realise that there is no set fixed rules but i would like to know a guide line of what to and not to say/ disscuss on a first 2nd and 3rd shiduch to avoid disaster. as i know some1 that just went into halachik disscussions to find out what the other indervidual would do on certain situations of kashrus on shabbos. Which i was asured for the first time meeting a person it couldn’t be the best topic and i’m afraid of sliping into such mistakes due to nerves. thank you, and i wish u a Chtima V’Chasima Tova,
Be yourself. Be honest. Talk about what you enjoy talking about and try not to be so nervous.
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