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Blech on Shabbat


Various Rabbis

27 Elul 5763
On Shabbat morning can one take a solid food from the refrigerator( such as chicken and Kugel) and place it on the blech either over the fire or not directly over the fire? Does it matter if the food could get hot? Does " Yad Soledet Bo" refer to the temperature of the surface of the blech or to how hot the food on the blech can get?
Dry foods "Yavesh" may be placed on the blech on Shabbat for warming. Askenazi families should place a separation between the pot and the blech in order that it shall not seem as if they are cooking -"Michzei kemevashel". Safaradi families do not need to place a separation. Damp foods "Lach" cannot be placed on the blech, but may be placed at a distance from the fire to warm as long as from that distance they will never reach the temperature of Yad Soledet Bo. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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