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Minyan problems


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

22 Elul 5763
I pray daily in a small minyan based on a moshav.Lately about half of the minyan decided that they would like not to daven before sunrise and started another minyan in another room.Because of the smallnes our congregation this causes the original minyan great difficulty in sustaining a minyan and the mourners aren’t always able to say kaddish.This is causing great animosity between members of the moshav and if possible I would appreciate a quick response.The first minyan davens about 15 minutes before sunrise. Thank you
If your moshav has a rabbi, his ruling is binding. If not, both sides to the dispute should address the question to a halachic authority acceptable to all. You write "the first minyan davens about 15 minutes before sunrise". If you start davening before sunrise and reach shmoneh esrai at sunrise- that is optimal. I assume your problem is that you daven shmoneh esrai 15 minutes before sunrise. I also understand from your question that there are some daveners who must daven before sunrise. Many halachic opinions believe that there is no advantage in davening after sunrise (davening at sunrise exactly is the best) and that davening after it is possible to reconize a friend in the light is equally satisfactory. There are, however, dissenting opinions that prefer davening after sunrise (see Ishei Yisrael 13 6 and 18 n.9). Without examining the social situation of your particular moshav, it would seem unwarranted to break precedent and leave some people without a minyan in order to satisfy the second opinion. A specific answer to your moshav would require, however, that both sides refer the question to an accepted posek.
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