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Remedying Road AccidentsRemedying Road Accidents
Many talk of the importance of cautious driving. Unfortunately, however, such talk goes largely unheeded, and road recklessness continues to take lives on a daily basis. What can we say that will influence people and cause them to drive more carefully?
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    Counting the Omer
    I have always been somewhat perplexed by the general explanation, that this count is meant to represent the longing of the Jewish people and their preparation for the acceptance of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
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    Birkat Ha'ilanot
    What are the principles of Birkat Ha'ilanot? Read the comprehensive answer on this topic.
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    Treatment of animals
    What is the moral justification to slaughter animals and eat their flesh? Should we educate for vegetarianism? Why is there a Mitzvah to eat meat on Shabbat?
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    A Lot of Lottery
    Moshe bought a ticket to a 50M lottery but he won only 5M, does he have to give a percentage to Yossi who prayed for his succes?
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    Mitzvot Which Seem “Outdated”
    All religious Jews have difficulty with mitzvot which seem to be outdated. So, how should we be looking at them?
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    Women Hearing Parashat Zachor
    It is not always easy for me (a woman) to make it to shul to hear Parashat Zachor. How much of an effort must I make?
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    Workplace Requirement for Vaccination
    A business owner demands that his employees be vaccinated against Corona. Can an employer make such a demand?
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    Adar, The Joyous Month
    The Month of Adar, in which the threat of destruction of the Jewish People turned into their salvation, is a time of great rejoicing
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