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    Adar - the month of laughter
    The month of Adar is known to be the month of happiness and laughter. The month of Adar is a month of a great effort to compare our will with the will of God.
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    The Four Parshiot and their Significance
    The parallel and connection between the four Parshiot, the four cups of the Seder, and the four expressions of redemption.
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    Extended Purim Seuda
    A comprehensive halakhic compilation of the Halachos of Purim meal that began towards the end of the day and ended after Purim
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    To Drink or Not to Drink?
    Since the Purim miracle occurred in wine rites, there is an apparent duty to drink wine. But is it an absolute duty?
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    When Adar Enters
    "when Adar enters joy and happiness enter with it." Note that it does not say that when Adar arrives we will be joyous and happy
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    Does Adar l Impact on Adar ll?
    The joy is a result of the Purim miracle. Therefore, it makes feels like there is no need to rejoice in first Adar
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    The Joy of Purim
    Though in Judaism we find two distinct approaches to joy, they need not be viewed as contradicting one another.
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    The Jewish Thanksgiving
    If we care for our Neshamot - we will undoubtedly reach a truly elevated place.
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    Hidden Faces
    Maybe, this is why Purim is such a physical holiday
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