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    Unjust Desserts
    I sent a mud cake as a practical joke for Mishloach Manot to my best friend, and the cake made its way to the wrong person. Do I have to pay for the damage?
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    The Joy of Purim
    The Joy of Purim possesses two central aspects: Firstly, what had initially been evil was transformed into good; secondly,the Jewish people received the Torah through free will.
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    Matanot La’evyonim
    What is the minimum gift to fulfill the Mitzvah? May I give money? Must the poor person use the money on Purim? Can I fulfill the Mitzvah by check?
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    To Drink or Not to Drink?
    Drinking very often can result in catastrophic consequences. How to understand the obligation of drinking on Purim? A Halachic Analysis of Getting Drunk on Purim.
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    Costume Or Disguise
    One of the favorite customs of Purim is that people dress up in costumes and masks. But who is the real person? Which is the costume and which is the disguise?
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    Hearing the Megillah in Quarantine
    How can one fulfill his obligation of Megillah reading while being in quarantine?
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    How many times should we repeat Zachor?
    My shul has always read Parashat Zachor once. Some people now complain that we do not follow other shuls and read multiple times. Should we change our minhag?
  • במה
    a yeshiva student made fun of his rabbi. His rabbi gave him permission. is that permissible?
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    Is eradicating Amalek a moral action?
    How can we understand the Mitzvah of eradicating Amalek? How does it go along with the Torah's Values?
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