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Purim Meshulash - What is it About?Purim Meshulash - What is it About?
So what is Purim HaMeshulash all about? What makes it different from every other Purim? Watch Rabbi Odded Miller explaining.
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    To Drink or Not to Drink?
    Purim is described in the Megillah as a day of a wine feast. Yet, uninhibited drinking may result in catastrophic consequences. If so, what is the Mitzvah of drinking on Purim?
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    Ranking Mishloach Manot Stringencies
    I have heard so many opinions about mishloach manot requirements . What is necessary?
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    Megillah for People in Quarantine
    Due to Coronavirus penademic authorities have forbidden public gatherings in places such as synagogues. What does a person in quarantine do?
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    Purim - The War Against Evil
    The greatness of Purim lies in the fact that it is an ordinary day. It reflects our true level. On Purim we deal with existence as it is, without any special defenses.
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    Dressing up as Santa Claus on Purim
    Is there anything wrong with children (or adults) wearing Santa Claus costumes on Purim?
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    Purim Meshulash
    All the information you need about the unique Purim ae are celebrating this year.
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    Zecher LeMachatzit HaShekel
    Why do we give it? Who needs to give it? How much is one obligated to give? When and to whom should one give it?
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    Purim and Pesach
    The holiday of Pesach follows that of Purim. Therefore, it is appropriate to compare the two holidays.
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