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 Extended Purim Seuda Extended Purim Seuda
A comprehensive halakhic compilation of the Halachos of Purim meal that began towards the end of the day and ended after Purim
  • To Drink or Not to Drink?
    Since the Purim miracle occurred in wine rites, there is an apparent duty to drink wine. But is it an absolute duty?
  • Zecher LeMachatzit HaShekel
    Why are we giving it? Who needs to give it? How much should one give? When and to whom should one give it? We summed up all the main Halachot of Machatzit HaShekel in this article.
  • When Adar Enters
    "when Adar enters joy and happiness enter with it." Note that it does not say that when Adar arrives we will be joyous and happy
  • AD
  • Does Adar l Impact on Adar ll?
    The joy is a result of the Purim miracle. Therefore, it makes feels like there is no need to rejoice in first Adar
  • The Joy of Purim
    Though in Judaism we find two distinct approaches to joy, they need not be viewed as contradicting one another.
  • The Jewish Thanksgiving
    If we care for our Neshamot - we will undoubtedly reach a truly elevated place.
  • Hidden Faces
    Maybe, this is why Purim is such a physical holiday
  • The "Sacred Bear" of Purim
    There is an unusual commandment on Purim.
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