Parshat Shavua

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    War and Happiness Go Together?
    The Torah, in our parasha, discusses uses of the trumpets that Moshe made. After mentioning their use in war, it says: "On the day of your joy... you shall blow the trumpets". Is there a connection between wars and days of joy?
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    Not Tests - Challenges!
    Construction of the Menorah in the Tabernacle was a very difficult task, according to the Medrash. What exactly was so hard about forming it?
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    Power or Influence?
    It is essential to grasp the difference between two concepts often confused, namely power and influence. We tend to think of them as similar if not identical. People of power have influence.
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    Until One Hundred and Twenty
    People regard the expression "Until one hundred and twenty" as meaning the maximum amount of years one can live. However, this is not the original meaning of the phrase!
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    Raise the Levites
    In the difficult times and circumstances that surround us today we are also in need of potential Levites who will rise to the occasion and its challenges. One cannot alter one’s genealogy but one’s spiritual aspirations to become a Levite have no limits or restraints.
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    the holy and the mundane
    What was unique about the "Sotah" water? How did it determine whether or not a particular woman - suspected of infidelity - was truly unfaithful to her husband?
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    The Politics of Envy
    Few things in the Torah are more revolutionary than its conception of leadership. Not just kings but all of us, regardless of colour, culture, class or creed, are in the image and likeness of God.
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    Nazir – Yes, No, Sometimes
    The matter of nazir, one who vows to abstain from grape products, hair cutting, coming in contact with the dead, is one of the noteworthy elements of our parasha, especially because of the diverse approaches to it.
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    A Little Order in the Turmoil
    It is possible to see order even in the turmoil we are in. Order meaning control; control means that there is direction and there is a purpose; in other words, there is Gd! Rabbi Londin on the military operation.
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