Parshat Shavua

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Purity and GratitudePurity and Gratitude
The purity of the red calf gives us a warm and feeling heart, that will bring us to our redemption.
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    Preserving the Old, Inspiring the New
    Why did Moshe respond so differently with Korach and his gang than with Eldad and Medad? He was greatly angered at the claim that "everyone is equally holy." Why?
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    Blurring Differences
    discussing the revival of Korah's social ideology in the modern era, and its the rejection of the basic concept in Jewish society that different people have different functions and different ways of serving HaShem.
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    Servant Leadership
    What exactly was wrong in what Korach and his motley band of fellow agitators said? was what they said true or false?
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    A Two-Tiered Machloket
    Great miracles had proven clearly that Moshe had been right and Korach had paid with his life for his sin. How then could "neutral" people have joined up with Korach?
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    Looking for the Right Attributes
    In our parasha around half of the attributes are omitted. Why is that? Obviously, Hashem’s attributes did not change!
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    Another Look at the Sin of the Spies
    Perhaps the spies' greatest error lay in their incorrect interpretation of their mission; they had no obligation at all to analyze the "if" of the impending war for the land, but rather the "how?"
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    One of the fundamental tasks of any leader, from president to parent, is to give people a sense of confidence: in themselves, in the group of which they are a part, and in the mission itself.
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    Worry of Leaders
    The Torah tells us that the the leaders of the generation, were responsible for the sin of the spies. What brought these great leaders to do something so terrible?
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