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Parshat Shavua

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The Earth is the Lord'sThe Earth is the Lord's
Parshat Behar teaches us that everything is in God’s domain. Land, people, money - literally, everything! "The Land will not be sold for eternity," states the verse in Vayikra, "because I own the entire Land."
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    “We the People”
    The Sages said: “‘They will stumble over each other’” – read this as ‘stumble because of one another’: this teaches that all Israelites are responsible for one another.” Why locate this principle here?
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    Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
    Nothing is as challenging to our faith as seeming injustice and tragedy. How does a believing person reconcile an apparently cruel world with an Omnipotent and Merciful Creator?
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    We say every day in Shacharit "Bring us in peace from the four corners of the world and lead us Komemiyut to our Land." but what does the word Komemiyut mean? And what does it hsve to do with the independennce war?
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    Careful: "Words Ahead"
    It is important not to say things that need not be said. When something is in need of being said, it should be expressed using clean, appropriate language.
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    On Not Being Afraid of Greatness
    The two commands are respectively the prohibition against desecrating God’s name, and the positive corollary, that we are commanded to sanctify God’s name. But in what sense can we sanctify or desecrate God’s name?
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    Danger to Two Sons
    The parasha begins with mention of the death of two of Aharon’s sons, Nadav and Avihu. Reams of paper have been used to analyze the cause of their death. We would like to add an insight as well.
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    Striking a Balance
    A person must realize that each time he succeeds in a given struggle with the Yetzer d'Arayot, he has performed a great mitzvah!
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    Sprints and Marathons
    Moses had to contend with both sides, inducing the Israelites to do teshuvah and God to exercise forgiveness. The good news is: there once was a Moses. what happens when there is no Moses?
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