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Who Can Be Counted in a Minyan?Who Can Be Counted in a Minyan?
Can Non-Religious Jews be counted as part of the Minyan? Can you count people who are still in the middle of Shemoneh Esrei? What should you do if people leave in the middle of the Minyan?
  • אריה מינקוב (36).JPG
    Tefilat HaShlah
    The Shlah's Prayer, is a prayer for children’s education. Many say this beautiful prayer on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan.
  • איש צועק
    You made a mistake in Kri'at HaTorah!!!
    Should I correct a Ba'al Koreh who errs during the reading, or is this embarrassing someone in public? Does it depend on the mistake that was made?
  • זריחה שקיעה
    How to Time Vatikin?
    If I do not know precisely when netz is, is it better to err on the side of starting Shemone Esrei before or after netz?
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  • שומר
    What should I wear for Davening?
    What is the basic rule of dressing for Davening? Is there a situation where shorts or pajamas are permitted?
  • מדרגות
    Minyan in a Stairwell
    My apartment building has a Minyan in its stairwell. Are the steps a mchitza to be mafsik tziruf for a Minyan?
  • סידורים
    A Woman's Obligation to Pray
    Is One Prayer a Day Enough? Are Morning Blessings and Torah Blessings Enough? Are women obligated to read the bedtime Kri'at Shema?
  • מונופול
    A Prayer for Parnassah (Livelihood)
    Today, Tuesday of Parshat Beshalch - there is a Segulah for livelihood from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov, to read Parshat HaMan.
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    Hagbahah- Which way to turn?
    The laws and customs of Hagbaha - lifting the Torah. How do we hold the Torah, to which direction do we turn and what do we do on Simchat Torah.
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