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Davening Outside with GlovesDavening Outside with Gloves
I daven in an outdoor minyan due to Corona. Is it permitted to wear gloves while davening in cold temperatures?
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    Mentioning and Requesting Rain
    The Laws of mentioning and requesting rain during davening. The rules Regarding Mistakes, and how to avoid them.
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    Why Pray?
    How can a Jew pray three times a day with almost exactly the same words? What if I don't WANT to pray? Am I supposed to open my heart with a can opener? Am I some kind of robot?
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    Is It Time For Maariv?
    When is the correct time to daven maariv? Why is there no repetition of shmoneh esrei for maariv? Must women daven maariv?
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    When does Mincha Start?
    The source for davining Mincha is in this weeks Parasha. When is the optimal time to daven mincha?
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    A Cup of Coffee During Davening
    I showed my surprise to a serious young man who was drinking coffee during Shacharit. He said it helps him daven and is permitted. Can that be correct?
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    Time for Birkot HaShachar
    Until When May One Recite Birkot HaShachar? What should I do if I wake up in the middle of the night, or haven't slept at all?
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    Davening in Front of a Mirror
    People are davening in their homes, again. Is Davening in front of a mirror problematic?
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    Ma’ariv Times
    When is the earliest time a person is allowed to Daven Ma'ariv?
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