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Tefilat HaShlahTefilat HaShlah
The Shlah's Prayer, is a prayer for children’s education. Many say this beautiful prayer on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan.
  • איש צועק
    You made a mistake in Kri'at HaTorah!!!
    Should I correct a Ba'al Koreh who errs during the reading, or is this embarrassing someone in public? Does it depend on the mistake that was made?
  • זריחה שקיעה
    How to Time Vatikin?
    If I do not know precisely when netz is, is it better to err on the side of starting Shemone Esrei before or after netz?
  • שומר
    What should I wear for Davening?
    What is the basic rule of dressing for Davening? Is there a situation where shorts or pajamas are permitted?
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  • מדרגות
    Minyan in a Stairwell
    My apartment building has a Minyan in its stairwell. Are the steps a mchitza to be mafsik tziruf for a Minyan?
  • סידורים
    A Woman's Obligation to Pray
    Is One Prayer a Day Enough? Are Morning Blessings and Torah Blessings Enough? Are women obligated to read the bedtime Kri'at Shema?
  • מונופול
    A Prayer for Parnassah (Livelihood)
    Today, Tuesday of Parshat Beshalch - there is a Segulah for livelihood from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov, to read Parshat HaMan.
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    Hagbahah- Which way to turn?
    The laws and customs of Hagbaha - lifting the Torah. How do we hold the Torah, to which direction do we turn and what do we do on Simchat Torah.
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    Davening in Front of a Mirror
    Is the prohibition against davening in front of a mirror or reflective glass a chumra or a serious halacha?
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