I wasn't Aware of the Thirst for Religious-Zionist Tora

Since I began speaking in US shuls on behalf of Bet El Institutions in 2009, my modus operandi has been passionate talks about Bet El and Eretz Yisrael. Time and time again, people come over to ask if I'm connected to the Yeshiva.org.il Torah site from Bet El. They rave about it being the most extensive conduit of pure Rav Kook religious-Zionist Torah on the web.

Honestly, I had no idea 1) how thirsty US Jews were for religious-Zionist teachings and 2) to what extent our own Yeshiva.org.il (in Hebrew and English) served as the main component in quenching that thirst.

If you seek religious-Zionist Torah, then your Torah homepage should be Bet El's:
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In this past month alone, 735,000 unique people engaged articles and videos on the site.

Since the Coronavirus restrictions, we're delivering live content and tfilah 3 times each day from a Bet El minyan held in accordance with Israel Health Ministry guidelines, alongside our thousands of on-demand videos, articles and audio.

Other popular content includes

1.       A robust, lively "Ask The Rabbi" Section

2.      Count the Omer reminders

3.       A sophisticated Hebrew calendar & more

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