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Tu B'shvat calls you to GROW!Tu B'shvat calls you to GROW!
Just when one might think that an Ice Age has started, Tu B'Shvat comes up.
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    Tu BiShvat - Clinging to God
    he act of planting of fruit trees in the Land of Israel, beyond possessing obvious Jewish and Zionist significance, is a way of clinging to God and walking in His ways.
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    Planting the Jews in Their Land
    Israel's wilderness stage is necessary preperation for entering the land, but cognition of the fact that the wilderness is not an end in itself constitutes affliction.
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    To Redeem HaShem's Name
    Why is God's name not mentioned from 'vayigash' until 'va'era'? What does this have to do with our redemption?
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    Parashat Bo
    Speaking Confidently. Why the Plagues? Unraveling a Mishna. Subtle Distinction. A Two-Fold Duty.
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    The Far Horizon
    Imagine you are the leader of people that are enslaved, now they're about to go free. You're going to give a speech to raise their moral. What will you speak about?
  •  Take The Money, Please!
    Take The Money, Please!
    When Bnei Yisrael left Egypt, they took with them various articles of severance. But why?
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    How Many Should be Saying Kaddish?
    Is it better that each mourner recite only one kaddish, or that all the mourners recite all the kaddeishim?
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    Who Shared from his Honor
    Should one recite a blessing upon meeting the USA president?
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