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A Real Jewish PrincessA Real Jewish Princess
The king went on a journey and told the princess he would be back. What helped the princess get over the hard days? A magical parable about Shavuot
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    A Little Order in the Turmoil
    It is possible to see order even in the turmoil we are in. Order meaning control; control means that there is direction and there is a purpose; in other words, there is Gd! Rabbi Londin on the military operation.
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    The Path to Receiving Torah
    It is impossible to whole-heartedly take upon oneself the yoke of Torah if one is not open-minded. Similarly, it is impossible to embrace the Torah if one possesses strong desires and is unable to make his will subservient to that of the Almighty.
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    Leading a Nation of Individuals
    what is the significance of this act of counting? And why here at the beginning of the book? Additionally, does counting have anything to do with leadership?
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    Beware of the Great Fire of God
    A message to the Muslim religious leaders regarding the attacks of Arabs in Jerusalem and other areas of Israel.
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    Tefilat HaShlah
    The Shelah's Prayer (Tefilat HaShlah), is a prayer for education of children. Many say this beautiful prayer on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, as the Shelah wrote in the introduction to prayer.
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    Continuation of the Victory Over Amalek
    What does Jerusalem Day have to do with the war against Amalek on the way to Eretz Yisrael? And how does that teach us that Hasem's hand is behind all that happens to us?
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    Some Stones Are Hearts
    The Western Wall looks like a big and menacing block of rocks. One must look with penetrating eyes to sense what it really expresses.
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    The Earth is the Lord's
    Parshat Behar teaches us that everything is in God’s domain. Land, people, money - literally, everything! "The Land will not be sold for eternity," states the verse in Vayikra, "because I own the entire Land."
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