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Dear Surfer,
At the head of our Institutions stand Harav Zalman Baruch Melamed, Shlita. His unique personality influences and directs the hundreds of students who attend our various Institutions. In all areas of Torah education, our efforts are increasing. Indeed, we see many new areas of challenge in the future.
Our love and dedication to the Almighty encourage us to strengthen the existing frameworks and to establish new ones to encourage learning Torah and reinforce Torah education. To this end great resources are needed. During all the years of our building and development, we have refrained from asking for financial support. We managed to grant our students the best in Torah education without demanding financial assistance.
Due to the drastic Government cutbacks over the past few years, the situation has changed drastically. We ask you, out of your graciousness and generosity to aid us in facing the challenges of the future, to increase Torah learning and to educate those who will live their lives according to Torah Principles.

I would like to donate , (recognized for tax purposes in Paragraph 46a in Israel).