In the winter of 1977, a number of senior students from the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, in Jerusalem, organized themselves to establish a yeshiva and a community in the hills of Beit-El. The group turned to Harav Zalman Baruch Melamed Shlit"a, to lead them. Together this nucleus established a community and a yeshiva with the blessing of Harav Zvi Yehuda Kook Zt"l. "The actions of the Fathers are signs for the Sons". In Beit-El, Jacob dreamed, "Behold the ladder is positioned on the ground, and its head reaches the heavens." We witness today Jacob's children returning to the very same place, and realizing his dream. At first, the small group lived in the adjoining army base. Today, Beit-El is a flourishing community with many educational institutions. The heart of this special community is the Yeshiva, with an enrollment of over 250 students. The Yeshiva educates its students according to the thesis of Harav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, and Harav Zvi Yehuda ,Zt"l. The eternal values of Am Yisrael - the Nation of Israel, Torat Yisrael - The Torah of Israel, and Eretz Yisrael - the Land of Israel, turning them into a cohesive whole. These axioms are the expression of the involvement and attachment to the Jewish Gathering from the world over, to their Land and Torah. The Yeshiva put as a central objective the education of scholars in an atmosphere permeated with Torat Eretz Yisrael, the special Torah knowledge found, developed and tied directly to the Land of Israel. A wide range of students from all over the world attend the Yeshiva. Together, they create a warm atmosphere, as one large family. This is a Yeshiva that has no graduates. The students continue to regard the Yeshiva as their source of spiritual development, even after they leave the Yeshiva.


Gemara (Talmud) - During the first 6 years the student is exposed to a program of in-depth study together with a skill learning program in the traditional Yeshiva Tractates. Bekiut: Skilled Study including Rashi and Tosfot with monthly exams covering 20 pages of Gemara. There are additional examinations in Gemara, covering from half to a whole tractate. Kollel Ramim - This specialized program sees the need to produce teachers capable of teaching at the highest level. This is a seven-year program geared for students who have previously completed seven years of Yeshiva study. The program includes in depth study of 14 tractates. Examinations are given monthly on the student's progress in Gemara,together with Rashi, Tosfot and other Rishonim. Kollel Rabanut - A three year program, during which the student is prepared for the examinations for Rabbinical Ordination. Teacher's Seminary - A three year program given in conjunction with other courses of study in the Yeshiva. This program prepares the future teacher and grants him upon successful completion, a Senior Teacher's Certificate.

Other Institutions of the Beit-El Yeshiva Center Other Institutions of the Beit-El Yeshiva Center include: Bnei Zvi - Junior and Senior Yeshiva High School for Boys. Ra'aya - Ulpana High School for Girls. Tal Ra'aya - Ulpana High School for girls with a wide variety of studies. The staff of the Yeshiva has also established Arutz 7 - Israel National Radio. Broadcasting authentic Jewish programs, including hourly news reports to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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