Join our Whatsapp group today! opened a new group of Q&As for English speakers, and invites you to join the revolution!

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Before a year and a half we started the 'Ask The Rabbi' WhatsApp groups project in Hebrew, and since then we already have 8 groups for Q&As, and now, for the first time, we started a group for English speakers! You are welcome to join in and learn.

The answering Rabbis on this group are: 
1.Rabbi Ari Shvat
2.Rabbi Elchanan Lewis
3.Rabbi Gideon Weitzman
4.Rabbi Gershon Turetsky
5.Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Wanna join? Just click here!

Here are the Group's Rules:

1. The group is meant for Q&As only. Nothing else.

2. Only Rabbis that we chose to answer questions are answering questions.

3. This is not the place for private questions or questions that need a long specified answer, this kind of questions can be asked on our site:

4. If you didn't get an answer after a few hours, you are welcome to send it again.

5. Please keep the rules, so we won't have to remove people from this group.

6. There are various Rabbis on the group, and one Rabbi's answer is not necessarily accepted by the other Rabbis.

7. By participating in this group, you accept getting messages in private from

8. It's highly recommended to put this group on 'Mute' so it won't interrupt you.

9. If you want to ask a private question, send a message on the group asking which Rabbi can answer in private right now, and sent a message to the rabbi who responded.